One of the first works produced as part of Lexus Hybrid Art that adheres to the concept of hidden art is the work produced by young Russian artist Victor Polyakov. His public-art sculpture is a cube with faces delineated by polygonal shapes, and another object is hidden inside. In accordance with the idea of hidden art, by touching the surface of “Cubed/Uncubed” the object can be “awoken” — it becomes completely transparent, and only then reveals the “object hidden inside the object” to the viewer.
The object, enclosed inside the sculpture, is inspired by the art of origami. The aesthetics of origami — the Japanese art of folding various figures from paper — is close to the skillful manual work of Takumi, the Japanese masters, whose standards and rules are taken as a founding principle in the creation of Lexus cars.
 Photographer: Dmitry Chulun, Victor Polyakov.