Grozny Tower
interactive installation concept
In September 2018 Grozny - the capital of Chechnya Republic - celebrates 
200 years anniversary. The installation is dedicated to this event 
and should be exhibited in one of the public city squares.

The idea of lighting installation is to reflect two main topics: 
true respect for local traditions and looking up for the future, 
new technologies and fast development of the young and modern city.
The installation refers to the Vainakh tower. These medieval buildings have being built in Chechnya through centuries and with different modifications were used for living, defending and informing neighbours about incoming danger. Traditionally built from local stone they reached 6-10 meters in height.
The inner solid core of the tower is a construction of 200 polycarbonate sheets highlighted from the inside by a cylinder-like media screen, the outer shell is a transparent glass covered with photochromatic film that is able to change opacity from totally transparent to opaque.

Both the core and the shell are programmed to run different visual sequences and blend between them so the tower is able to hide and reveal its core in many different ways. Below you can see some of the scenarios.
Waters of Sunzha river that runs from the mountains and falls into Terek.
Oil derrick that symbolises the rich resources of Chechnya.
The colours of Chechnya's National flag and Vainakh tower.
Mountain peaks and glaciers that surround Grozny.